Thursday, April 8, 2010

Do I need x-rays to see a chiropractor?

FAQ: Do I need x-rays to see a chiropractor?

Answer: No.  For the great majority of our patients, x-rays are not needed.

At Tri-Synergy Chiropractic, we are focused on evidence-based medicine.  We will recommend tests (eg xrays, CT, MRI) only when clinically necessary.

As a physician, I am interested in diagnosing the cause of your symptoms.  I'm able to do this by providing a thorough physical exam, including appropriate neurologic and orthopedic testing.  We look at muscles, bones, nerves--all of your anatomy.  Not just your spinal alignment.  Imaging--including x-ray, CT, MRI--may be helpful for your diagnosis, but for most of our patients, it is not needed.  I may recommend treatment that I can provide or refer you to another specialist.

We do not depend solely on one form of testing to diagnose or predict treatment.  We may not need any x-rays at all to help you feel better.  We are more likely to recommend specific exercises for your back pain, rehab for an ankle sprain, or gentle muscle release for your neck pain.

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